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Glamour Magazine Style Diary

I recently had an opportunity to share my  style with a wider audience thanks to Glamour Magazine, this was done via their online platform ( it is where inspirational women give Glamour magazine readers a look into their wardrobe over a period of 10 days. It was a wonderful opportunity and came at the right time as I recently started blogging and working on growing my audience. I feel honoured that I'm recognised for the passion I have for fashion and pretty things in general.

My name is Patricia Dolz a Glamour Style diarist from 11 December to 22 December 2017 (weekends excluded), let me take you through the journey!

It was months of preparation for my big shoot, there were lots of e-mails back and forth, meetings and planning. I'm lucky to be working with photographers that believe in my vision and passion, the photographers are a fantastic team (father and daughter) meetings were held at my place of residence and hotels. We had tasked each other to lookout …

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