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I find that ladies dress pretty much the same across all ages nowadays. Crop tops are suitable for 14 year old girls and suitable for 40 year old women, however there should be a difference in how we style them. As a mother and a woman in my 30's I prefer crop tops which reveal a little skin and preferably covering my navel or sometimes not showing skin at all as seen in the picture above so I usually wear high waist jeans, pants or skirts. It's my personal preference but there are ladies my age or even older who look great in crop tops revealing the navel, especially ladies who are well toned and have abs to die for.

Take a look at Kim K's dress sense, it is very youthful and quite similar to how her younger sister (Kylie) dresses but she looks amazing in fact they both do. This for me proves that we're wearing the same things despite the age difference, we just style them differently.

I’ve heard of “age appropriate clothing”  but should we really restrict ourselves …

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